eBay Rip Off – Don’t Buy From Member born322008

In years of dealing with buyers and sellers on eBay, I’ve never been involved in an eBay rip off before. Until I met member born322008.  There is a first time for everything…

In September of 2012, I purchased off of eBay an original mono UK pressing of “Beatles For Sale” from eBay member from Israel – born322008. The record was listed as being nm. The photo was of the front cover only and didn’t show the actual condition of either jacket or record. Upon opening the package, I was surprised to find a record with a well used jacket and record that graded somewhere between a vg- to vg. I contacted the seller about this and was told “hello if you want plese send it back and i give you a full refund it relly rare and i see it like nm thanks.” Seriously – because he thought it was rare he saw it as nm! What bullshit. I told him that I’d send it back and want to be reimbursed for the cost to ship back to which he replied “ok”.

I shipped the record back and heard not a word. When I sent a note, he said that he had been called to war and would take care of it when he returned. He didn’t. He was actively selling which leads me to believe he was lying to me though even if he was away he obviously had access to the internet and could have refunded my PayPal payment. I was trying to be nice and trusting by not leaving negative feedback or contacting eBay, counting on this guy to come through. He didn’t and my time to challenge this expired. I contacted him via the “ask this seller a question” on one of his other auctions, he said he’d pay me (SANS my cost to ship the record back) next week. Next week never seems to arrive.


I am going to send him the link to this piece, if he decides to pay me, I’ll take it down. I’m not counting on it though.

Here’s our correspondence  click the image to see a larger version.


Written by Dionysus Records