World renowned internet radio music purveyor, announces its 2013 Listener Sponsorship Drive from Monday, February 18th through Sunday March 3rd.Luxura Radio

Once a year, LuxuriaMusic gives listeners an opportunity to keep its programming alive by sponsoring items in the live studio, buying swag, and just plain supporting everything they love about Lux!

The LuxuriaMusic 2013 Listener Sponsorship Drive kicks off Monday, February 18th with famed reissue producer, sonic archaeologist, and Monkees biographer Andrew Sandoval on his program, Come To the Sunshine. The drive runs for two weeks, with the final night celebration coming to a close Sunday, March 3rd on Strike’s Kitsch Niche at 10 pm. DJs will offer gifts, prizes, special guests, and two special drawings for Internet radios to entice listener sponsors to support their programs.

As a bonus, LuxuriaMusic is creating an exclusive content page only available to Listener Sponsors. Hear a special sneak peek program the day before the end of the drive on Saturday, March 2nd from 6 to 9 pm, PST.

It’s the 2013 LuxuriaMusic Listener Sponsorship Drive! A great way to show the world what you love about Lux!

Written by Dionysus Records