Robert Drasnin Voodoo III Ltd Edt CD Available

Robert Drasnin Voodoo III limited edition CD available now

VoodooIIITowards the end of Robert Drasnin‘s life – he set out to work on the third, and final, volume of Voodoo which he left unfinished. Drasnin had requeseted Skip Heller to complete his works and turn them into a releasable album. 11 songs, plus one bonus were completed by Heller and Voodoo III was finished and rushed out just in time for Tiki Oasis 15 featuring cover art by Claudette Barjoud, designed by Thomas Kimball. The works encompasses all the elements that made Voodoo I and Voodoo II legendary entries in the world of exotica music. We have less than 40 copies of this Drasnin family produced disc currently. Please limit yourself to one copy unless purchasing for family or friends.

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Written by Dionysus Records