10/11: Join Dave Travis, Mike Watt, Kira Rossler LIVE on FDL Movie Night

Punk Rock in Los Angeles 1984
A film by Dave Travis
Featuring live performances and interviews with
Minutemen, Redd Kross, Meat Puppets and Twisted Roots

Tonight: Monday October 11
Director Dave Travis discusses his new film,
A History Lesson Part 1 (Punk Rock in Los Angeles 1984)
live online at Firedog Lake.com’s Movie Night Salon
from 8:00p – 9:30p Eastern / 5:00p – 6:30p Pacific
hosted by Lisa Derric

Movie Night on FiredogLake.com (FDL) is a weekly LIVE roundtable film discussion hosted by FDL, Huffington Post and LA Weekly writer, Lisa Derrick.

Tonight, Monday October 11, 2010, Movie Night Salon spotlights the film A History Lesson Part 1 and features its’ director, videographer and member of Carnage Asada: Dave Travis with guests, former member of Minutemen, Dos and current bassist with Iggy and The Stooges: Mike Watt, former member of Black Flag, Dos, award winning dialog editor and sister of Twisted Roots’ Paul Rossler: Kira Rossler, and Dave Jones, who assisted Travis with some of the “History Lesson…” interviews and is also in Carnage Asada.

All are welcome to log in and join the conversation!

A History Lesson Part One

In 1984, a teenage Dave Travis decided to capture punk rock in Los Angeles on video tape, a fascination and hobby that he would continue until 1997, logging in hundreds of hours of Los Angeles area shows and interviews. Over 25 years later, Travis has assembled and released some of his archives. In A History Lesson Part 1, Travis presents live footage filmed in the spring of 1984 featuring the Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Twisted Roots and Redd Kross interspersed with interviews of members from each group which examines and puts a perspective on the early years of “psychedelic” punk rock in Los Angeles and Phoenix, AZ.


Videographer Dave Travis grew up in Los Angeles where his dad worked as a cameraman for NBC and CBS news as well as TV shows such as “Chips” and “Fantasy Island.” When he was 15 his dad handed down to him an old video camera and he began shooting punk rock shows in Los Angeles. He eventually became a freelance video editor, working on projects such as Black Flag’s “Slip It In” video as director and editor, “1991 the Year Punk Broke” featuring Sonic Youth and Nirvana as editor,  the Kurt Cobain memorial for the 94 MTV Music Awards as editor, and many more. Travis also ran a recording studio with his sister, bassist Abby Travis, called Tarantula Ranch and in the mid ’80s helped pioneer the desert Generator Shows.

Travis captured punk bands on video in L.A. for 14 years until 1997 when he decided to put down his camera. In 2000 he became a teacher with stints at John Adams Middle School teaching World and U.S. History and Santee Education Complex, a High School in South Central, L.A. teaching History and Economics. After spending nearly a decade as a teacher, Travis re-united with his passion for video and began digitizing and restoring his old footage. “A History Lesson Part One” is the first fruit harvested from his archive. Travis also plays cello in the long-time Los Angeles punk / psychedelic / jazz band Carnage Asada. A full bio of Dave Travis is available here:


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