12/10: Feral House / Process Media Winter Solstice at La Luz

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Feral House / Process Media
Third Annual Winter Solstice Celebration

20% on ALL Feral House and Process Media titles!

Saturday, December 10, 2011 6pm – 9pm
La Luz de Jesus Gallery

463 3 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 900 27

La Luz de Jesus and Soap Plant/Wacko presents their third annual Feral House – Process Media Winter Solstice Celebration featuring Maja D’Aoust and Adam Parfry, co-authors of “Secret Source: The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages,” Jodi Wille who just completed her amazing “Source Family” documentary, Martin Olson author of “The Encyclopedia of Hell,” famed illustrator/cartoonist Tony Millionaire, Erik Knutzen author of “Urban Homestead,” Sean Tejaratchi of “Craphound” fame, Mel Gordon will be showing a clip from a ’30s film on black sex magic and Eban Schletter who will fill the gallery with the sounds of his Theremin and sign his Christmas CD.

La Luz de Jesus Heart Logo
The event will spotlight several titles from the publisher’s catalog including the limited edition “Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment,” the brand new True Crime book about felon vandals titled “Graffiti Underworld” and the decade in-the-works “Ritual America.”

“Ritual America” is clearly the first comprehensive American treatment of the examination of the secrets subtly stored away for those who are on the inside and those looking in from the outside…. It is created to challenge every fiber of your critical thinking and wonder.
-Loren Coleman

In addition to the Feral House and Process Media titles – copies of Tony Millionaire’s new release, “500 Portraits” will be available for signing by the artist.

“…[Process Media’s] books on supposed ‘fringe’ type characters are in fact memoirs of the true innovators-those truly bound for the stratosphere without commercial concerns.”
-Plastic Crimewave

“I rank Feral House, a small press with a taste for the outrageous, among the most valuable in America.”
-Richard Kostelanetz, Rain Taxi


La Luz de Jesus Heart Logo

Written by Dionysus Records