Tonight! Braaaaainsgiving Zombie Party at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Braaaaainsgiving Zombie Party with author, Matt Mogk  Signing “Everything You Wanted to Know about Zombies” & “That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore”  

DMD Wednesday, November 23, 2011  7 – 9 PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery


Zombie expert Matt Mogk, founder and head of the Zombie Research Society, busts popular myths and answers all your raging questions about the living dead with a lecture, slide show & other paraphernalia on zombie 101.


Q. How can I increase my chances of survival? A. One simple step is to keep away from other people. Without people there can be no zombies. Q. What is the connection between the Voodoo zombie and the flesh-eating zombie of popular culture? A. Other than a shared name, absolutely nothing. Q. Will zombies actually eat me, or will they just bite and chew? A. Research suggests the neuromuscular activity required for swallowing may be too complex for a zombie. Q. Will we see any warning signs before the dead rise? A. Unfortunately, entire populations could be infected with the zombie sickness before anyone even knows there’s a problem. Q. How come Zombie Awareness Month is in May and not October? A. Unlike witches and vampires, zombies are not otherworldly creatures. They are made of flesh and blood. Don’t forget to wear your gray ribbon. * Many more questions about zombies-including why not all of them are undead-are answered inside the book, published by Simon and Schuster 


Click here for Matt Mogk video presentation

Written by Dionysus Records