7/16: Ray Campi on OUSD LuxuriaMusic

Ray CampiRay Campi will be my guest on Over Under Sideways Down – LuxuriaMusic.com, Wed. July 16, 3-5 PM Pacific. Tune in for a history of Ray’s  influences, musical career and his always great stories about his film and music idols throughout the years!

We’ve released three records with Ray over the years, the Skip Heller produced compilation “Perpetual Stomp”, Ray’s “Rockabilly Ladies” and the wonderful Mae West Masquers Club roast tape which Ray took possession of years back. Ray Campi has stayed in touch all this time and I’m glad to have a chance to have him on the show!

We still have a few copies of Ray’s releases in the mail order warehouse – quantities are low and these discs won’t be repressed:
Rockabilly Ladies CD
Perpetual Stomp LP
Perpetual Stomp CD
Mae West Masquers Club CD


Written by Dionysus Records