8/8: Velvet Lounge at La Cita, Downtown Los Angeles

Velvet Lounge
August 8 at 10:00 pm – 2:00 am

La Cita
336 S. Hill St. (across from Angel’s Flight)
Los Angeles, CA

This month’s Velvet Lounge is gonna be hotter than the weather featuring Nica Tine churning out some Boss Jamaican sounds, Frankie the Face making a public appearance from his Secret Affair, and local L.A. Icon Lee Joseph of Dionysus Records making his rounds around town and stopping by to lay some tracks down!

Come by after the Dick and Jane Family Orchestra set at the Lotus Light Arts Fundraiser!

Next Month Velvet Lounge will have the 45 Flying Dutchman: Kula Baker, Powder from the old school days of L.A. Mod, Rocksteady Lounge’s Nina and Viktor plus… many others! Tell your friends and spread the word, cause The Velvet Lounge is still here and is 100% drama free!

Written by Dionysus Records