Dig That Crazy Dionysus Beat at Tiki Oasis!


Among the goodies in the Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki” gift bag will be a postcard containing a code which will give you access to a free 16 track Dionysus Records sampler titled Dig That Crazy Dionysus Beat! Most of the cards will be distributed at Tiki Oasis though we will be offering a limited amount to Dionysus mail order and eBay customers, until they are gone. The codes will expire on December 31, 2014.

The compilation contains tracks from current releases, not-so-current releases and some upcoming things as well! This is the first Dionysus sampler since the Top Secret Dionysus Sampler which was put together for Tiki Oasis 12.

The tracks celebrate recent Dionysus releases by Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides, Turkey’s Replikas who recorded an entire LP of classic Antolian garage and psych, The Satelliters (x2 2014 releases) and The Dukes of Hamburg, long out of print vinyl repressings by The Surf Teens and Avengers VI, upcoming vinyl LP releases by The Voodoo Organist and The Alika Lyman Group, a bonus track which will not appear on an upcoming 78 RPM release by Skip Heller’s Hot Five with Dionysus Records head honcho Lee Joseph on bass, tracks from last year’s vinyl releases by Creepxotica, Orchestra Superstring, and Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, a track from a second limited blue vinyl pressing of The Beachcomber Trio‘s “Live at Kahiki” Lp and a track from an upcoming compilation of the first two Yard Trauma albums which was also the A side of  a 7″ which was the very first release on Dionysus!

Here is the track listing:

1) Creepxotica: “Bali Hai Bossa” from Haunted Bossa Nova LP/Digital
2) The Voodoo Organist – “Mojave Midnight Moonlight” from Organ Voodoo LP/Digital (Winter 2014)
3) The Alika Lyman Group “Arthur’s Line” from Leis of Jazz Vol. 2 LP (CD/Digital released by Digitki) (Winter 2014)
4) Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited: “The Bossa Nova Squad” from Plays Lost TV Themes LP/CD/Digital
5) Orchestra Superstring: “Easy” from Kalopia LP/Digital and Easy CD/Digital
6) Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides: “Rod Swirling” from Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides LP/Digital
7) The Avengers VI: “Downtown” from Real Cool Hits LP/CD/Digital
8) The Surf Teens: “Kalini Wipe Out” from Surf Mania LP/CD/Digital
9) Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited “Girl From Acapulco” from The Fluid Soundbox LP/CD/Digital
10) Replikas “Panayir Gunu” from Biz Burada Yok Iken LP only (CD/Digital released by Ada Music, Turkey)
11) The Satelliters “What’s Up With Timothy Dee?” from What’s Up With Timothy Dee? LP/Digital
12) The Dukes of Hamburg “She’s So Fine” from Liverpool Beat LP only
13) The Satelliters “Don’t Take No Maybe” from More of The Satelliters LP/CD/Digital
14) Skip Heller’s Hot Five “Have Love Will Travel” Bonus track from 78 RPM sessions (Winter 2014)
15) Yard Trauma “Some People” from Must’ve Been Something We Took 30 Years Ago! (Spring 2015)
16) The Beachcomber Trio “Beyond the Reef” from Live at Kahiki 1965 LP only

The postcard artwork is actually a few years old, painted by our pal Rober Pokorny – but fit the Tiki Oasis Beat Generation theme perfectly! www.instagram.com/robertpokorny – and thanks goes to our pal Wendy Sherman at www.artslave.com for the postcard layout. We hope you enjoy the compilation and hope you buy some of these fabulous releases!

Written by Dionysus Records