DJ Lee of Dionysus at Atomic Tease on Thursday night!

The Atomic Tease is a presentation of the neo-burlesque movement, bringing together pin-up inspired art, burlesque performance and music. What started as an undercurrent in American counter culture is now seeping its way into mainstream consciousness – and rapidly spreading through fine arts, music and theatrical productions. The neo-burlesque movement is informed by classic burlesque elements of sexuality, satire, and counter culture – blended with the low brow art scene, modern social and political themes, mid-century pin-up art, California surfer/tiki culture and a splash of fantasy. Join us for a night of paintings and pasties from contemporary artists and burlesque performers emerging as some of the hottest stars of their generation!

ALSO: New and original paintings by Jessica Whiteside, Noir Nouar, Anne Faith Nicholls, Atomikitty, and Claudette Barjoud.

Written by Dionysus Records