Karling Abbeygate European tour dates!

Dionysus Records sensation Karling Abbeygate and her band will be on tour in Europe in August and September with RJ from Holland, The Neva Riva Rockets from Russia, and the Tri Tones from Estonia. Here are the dates. Hope you can make it out!

August 21: Café De Stier. Kerkstraat 2, Eibergen, Holland.
August 22: Gearbox. Wendenstraße 59, Braunschweig, Germany.
August 23: Drive Inn Barn. Kerrestraat 49, Oosteeklo, Belgium.
August 27: Corridor. Prinses Beatrixlaan 31, Den Haag, Holland
August 28: Jazz Session Club. Gerhard-von-Are-Straße 4, Bonn, Germany.
August 29: Stars And Bars. Buitenwatersloot 17, Delft, Holland.
August 30: Café De Kroeg. Bogardeind 203, Geldrop, Holland.
September 4: Tapperij Mout. Oosterburen 25, Midsland, Holland.
September 5: De Stoep. Oosterburen 5, Midsland, Holland.
September 6: Heartbreak hotel. Badweg, Oosterend, Holland.
September 11: Home of R’n’r. STRASSE DES 1.MAI 74-PRATER. Vienna, Austria.
September 12: Taco’s Bar. rue de Genève 17, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Written by Dionysus Records