Limited represses of two Dukes of Hamburg LPs!

ID123359_DukesTwistTime.600Last year when moving the Dionysus Records office I found a few boxes of empty Dukes of Hamburg LP covers. Shortly after, our old pal, Dukes of Hamburg’s  Thilo Pieper reconnected with Dionysus, giving us news that there are now two reformed Dukes, in the US and Germany, and sending over some new recordings of his version of the  group based in Bielefeld, Germany. We agreed to do a new LP and run enough LPs to fill the empty jackets for both Bad Side of July (Dukes of Earl) (around 300 copies) and Twist-Time im Star-Club Hamburg (around 400 copies) LPs. Both are available via Dionysus Records Mail Order (follow the above links)  as well as select shops and internet mail order companies… you can only get them on vinyl as there are no CD or download versions of either! The represses also have different label designs than the originals, courtesy of Thilo!

ID123377_DukesOfHamburg_BadSideThe new Dukes of Hamburg release Liverpool Beat on Dionysus will be out soon, we’ll let you know when it’s just about ready to ship!

Written by Dionysus Records