Mike Smitreski – Creatures of the Golden Dawn

Mike Smitreski of the band The Creatures of the Golden Dawn passed away this week at the age of 52. Dionysus had the pleasure of releasing their music on a 7″ EP and CD back in the early ’90s.

His fan and former collaborator Sandra McCarthy was kind enough to share a few words with us.

“I collaborated with Mike on his Shadestream solo projects, “Dream” and
“The Sky Is Falling” and he worked on several of my songs.

It was amazing that we got any work done, because most of our time was filled with laughter. What a lovely memory to hold on to.

He and I never met in person, but he was always in contact to reach out
to share a concern, a daily tidbit, a proud moment, political views, or
just a dream.

All of his thoughts were embraced with humor and he wanted his friends to be part of that ride. I’m proud to be in that circle.

Mike was a star-gazer here on Earth, but he is now part of the celestial
sky. I am sad for his family, friends and myself for our loss, but happy
for Mike that he is now part of the sun, moon and stars that he held in
such awe.

Several of our emails and phone conversations ended with a personal
joke, “I do, I really do!”

The memory will now be bittersweet, because Mike, I do miss you. I
really do.”

-Sandra McCarthy-

Written by Dionysus Records