Santa’s got a GTO comp FREE download! Merry Xmas!

Santa's Got a GTO

One time Dionysus co-pilot and forever Dionysus friend Aime McCrory wrote a beautiful post today about a long out-of-print album from the label’s catalog. This inspired me to create a FREE download of the compilation, artist and track listing, plus download link below. Thanks Aime!

Santas Got a GTO

As holiday times approach, a fond memory comes to mind. In 1997, as part of Dionysus Records, I had the privilege of co-producing Rodney on the Roq’s Santa’s Got A GTO album for dear friend, Rodney Bingenheimer, with rock writer and publicist at the time Harvey Kubernik. Rodney’s mom had just passed away, and Harvey and I, who had worked together in the Kim Fowley days came up with an idea of doing a Christmas album to help raise funds for the property tax costs of his late mother’s estate. Some amazing bands wrote or contribute tracks including Nina Hagen, Jane Weidlan of the Go’sGo’s, The Ramonas and Evan Douglas Foster’s Boss Martians. Lee Joseph graciously green lighted the project and oversaw the production and the CD was released on Dionysus Records. We were blessed to have Mordam Records, the legendary indie distribution company and the support their senior staff, including the talented Michelle Gearhead Haunold and awesome Mike Jones behind the sales of the album. Jonathan L who was with Album Network and the Senior Editor of its sister publication, Virtually Alternative, gave us our first piece of mainstream press and we were all over the moon! While the CD didn’t raise the money any of us hoped for, the album was a project of love and brought together many wonderful and talents folks. Happy holidays and enjoy the music! – Aime McCrory

Track listing:
1. Santa’s Got A GTO – Ramonas
2. Like A Snowflake – Ride
3. Frosty The Snowman – Frosted
4. Ski Party – Wondermints
5. Christmas Crush – Home Grown
6. Santa’s Sack – The Diaboliks
7. Runaway Christman – Pencil Test
8. Mary X-Mas – Nina Hagen
9. Christmas Time – The Boss Martians
10. Super Sunny Christmas – Redd Kross
11. Deck The Halls – Geolyn
12. I Don’t Believe In Santa – Methadone Cocktail
13. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen – Jigsaw Seen
14. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Sleepington
15. ‘Til Next Hanukkah – Velouria
16. Christmas Here – Wednesday Week
17. Last Christmas – Sugarfree
18. Santa Doesn’t Come To Little Jewish Children’s Houses – Yid Kids
19. The Christmas Angel – Cranes
20. Silent Night – Olivia Barash
21. The Characters Visit Rodney – The Characters With Rodney Bingenheimer

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Written by Dionysus Records