Voodoo Organist on NPR – Red Vinyl LP Available Now!


The Hi-Desert’s Voodoo Organist, aka Scott Wexton, has released his ninth album, which is his first full-length on vinyl, on Dionysus Records. Organ Voodoo is a exotic, hypnotic, erotic, and rhapsodic collection of songs in which he leaves behind the rough-edged blues and vaudevillian industrial sound of his previous releases, and sails into the seductive Space Age sounds of exotica. The Voodoo Organist “Organ Voodoo” album is available for download via iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and all other digital music outlets – you can purchase a limited first pressing of 500 on red vinyl from the Dionysus Records mail order cart, by clicking this link

Recently,  “Bombay Beach Bondage Boogaloo” from Organ Voodoo by Voodoo Organist was aired on over 400 NPR stations on the Here and Now “DJ Session: ‘Music That’s Shaken Not Stirred’’ episode with guest DJ Darrell Brogdon from “Retro Cocktail Hour” as heard on on Kansas Public Radio.  Brogdon also played Dionysus artist, the late Robert Drasnin whose Voodoo III will see vinyl release in 2016.

Check out the NPR broadcast here!

Written by Dionysus Records