4/24: Jerico presents Ode to the Bohemian Cocktail Party Downtown LA

Jerico Presents Cocktails and Art Adventure Series – Ode to The Bohemian “The Beat Generation” Cocktail Party # 4

Saturday  April 24 , 8pm-LATE

e3rd Lounge
734 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA 90013
Ph – 213-680-3003

LA Artists Celebrate the Downtown Renaissance with an Ode to the Bohemian Event!

Featured Musical Guests, and Artists:
Emmeric Konrad- Art Event MC
Sia Aryai- Foto Nostalgia ” The Pin Up Experiment”
Dick and Jane- Urban Folk
Dj Lee Joseph – Records of the Beat Generation
Vj Terry Ellsworth – Vintage Visuals
Cristian the Blacksmith – Live Clay Sculpture
Jerico Woggon – Blacklight Art Installation

Featured Poets :
Richard McDowell “The Poet Laureate of Downtown LA 2009”
Beanie Manifesto
Tiger Moon
Bus Stop Prophet

Cocktail Napkin Art Invitational Vol #3
The last 2 shows we had over 200 artists join our Cocktail Napkin Art Dept. We provide the pens and the napkins

$10 donation or $5 Bucks with recession story of 75-100 words, written prior  or at the door or JERICO’S RECESSION CONFESSIONAL (brought to you by INSURGENCY INC), easy way to save a few bucks, step into the booth and tell us your hard luck story. Live Confessions will be featured at www.insurgencyinc.com following the event.

Bohemians, Lofts and Downtown Los Angeles
This night honors “The Beat Generation,” who defined freedom of expression on so many levels. Taking themselves to higher states of conciseness using simple tools such as the American road, a glass of wine, caffeine and a typewriter; the new bohemians of their time broke ground for us. The typewriter is now a keyboard, but the beat still goes on — we are in the same circus with a different set of clowns. Since 1978, the artists of our time have come to Downtown Los Angeles with that same pioneer spirit, following the “low rent” dream. This is the artist family tree, growing and sinking its creative roots into the soil of Downtown Los Angeles. We gather to celebrate the Bohemian lifestyle in our Year of 2010 with an event that has its roots in 1940’s. This is rise of the Renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles that is at the core root about artists living the dream. Come celebrate this special time of magic centered in the “Last Great American City.” We are the Lost Angels, we have the Beat. This is an Event to Honor the Beat Generation of the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s “Beatniks.” The Torch has been passed, and we keep it burning!

Many words about the Bohemian culture describe what is happening now in Downtown LA. The Artists are moving to Downtown LA in numbers, just like SOHO in the past. Soho was a manufacturing zone transformed into an artist in residence situation, coining the term “LOFT” in historic manufacturing buildings. At the time, artists illegally lived in these large lofts, ignoring the zoning violations, and making use of the abandon and dormant space as a result of the bad economy in New York City. This is our situation here in DTLA now. The term “Bohemian” as related to Bohemianism – i.e. describing the nontraditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, musicians, and actors in major European cities – emerged in France in the early 19th century when artists and creators began to concentrate in the lower-rent, lower class gypsy neighborhoods.

Cocktails and Art Party #1 was Ode to The Rat Pack 1/14/10
Cocktails and Art Party #2 was Ode to The Lounge Lizard 2/27/10
Cocktails and Art Party #3 was Ode to The Blues 3/17/10
Cocktails and Art Party #4 is Ode to the Bohemian 4/24/2010

Event contact: Jerico Woggon 213-700-9115

Written by Dionysus Records