5/31: Cooling System w/ Azalia Snail & Sylvia Juncosa in LA



Monday, May 31st, 9 pm
The Echo Curio

1519 Sunset Blvd   LA  CA, 90026

$5.00 cover

Joining Azalia for her LA shows will be sax players Emily St Amand Poliakoff and Anastasia Shepherd. and guitar goddess Sylvia Juncosa as part of this COOLING SYSTEM night.

“Azalia Snail has been making her uniquely sweet, viscous, noise-inflected, tempo-bending psychedelia for almost two decades, recording a dozen or so albums between 1990 and 2006 on labels including Funky Mushroom and Dark Beloved Cloud.  She’s back with a disc on Silver Lake’s experimental True Classical Records, a dense haze of swooning vocals and seething synths cut by abrasive swaths of indie guitar mayhem. The music has its share of discordant moments and harsh textures, but somehow these are enveloped in a softening sheen; as Snail sings in the opening track, it is “Heavy mental/ Honeysuckle gentle.”

Neumusic review

“Azalia Snail appeared on the stage.  Right away at the beginning one felt that the audience would be given a special performance, even if only for four songs. While building a pedestal with a silver cover, over which she put her little white synthesizer, this feeling was only further strengthened.  Azalia Snail, who was formerly known as the “Queen of lo-fi,” did not actually need to do very much to place the audience under her spell.  Already the first song, Golden Slumbers, fascinated with the typical mix of Azalia Snail church organ and psychedelic indie sounds.”

Hamburg Press review

Azalia Snail has toured the USA, Europe, Japan, and New Zealand and has jammed with Beck, The Black Heart Procession, The Grifters, Trumans Water, Low, and many other unique musical artists.


Written by Dionysus Records