6/10: Hukilau presents Poly Blend group art show w/ Shag and others.

The Hukilau 2010 presents “Poly Blend” – a group art show curated by Harold Golen featuring SHAG and many others.

Shag “Mai-Kai Tiki #1” and “Mai-Kai Tiki #2″ Both: Acrylic paint on Canvas 9″ x 19″

Participating artists: SHAG, Atomic Kitty, Atomos, Bosko, Crazy Al, Dave Burke, David Parise, Dawn Fraiser, Derek Yaniger, Donnela Vitale, Doug Horne, Haikai Sarnes, Heather Watts, Joe Vitale, John Kissee, Ken Bernstein, Ken Ruzic, Lisa Petrucci. Luiz Diaz, Marc Paper Scissor, Mitch O’ Connell, Mookie, N! Satterfield, Netherland,  Robb Hamell, Rod North, Sam Gambino, Scott Scheidly,  Skot Olsen,The Pizz, Thorsten Hasenkamm, Tiki Tony, Tom Fowner

Opening reception

Thursday, June 10,  5 – 7:30 pm
Bahia Mar Commodore Ballroom

801 Seabreeze Blvd,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA
(954) 764-2233

Lisa Petrucci “Miss Menehune, 2010” – liquid acrylic and envirotex on wood 14” x 8”

Tiki Kiliki Productions in association with Harold Golen presents an on-site “Hukilau” group art show, “Poly Blend” as part of the opening night of the Hukilau 2010. “Poly Blend” combines a world-wide, multi-media mix of art that is exotic, tropical, modern, and primitive, in a Mid Century Modern flavored installation. The show includes paintings, sculptures and curiosities from Africa, Asia, The Bahamas, Brazil, Easter Island, Hawaii, North America, Peru and beyond.

The name “Poly Blend” is derived from the term “Poly Pop” or “Polynesian Pop” and this group show puts into perspective how visual “exotica” is a blend of many different styles, elements, geographical, cultural and ethnic art and icons.

Harold Golen is an art collector and curator who introduced the Pop Surrealist art scene to Florida via his gallery, Harold Golen Fine Arts, in the Wynwood Art District of Miami.

Written by Dionysus Records