Live Exotica Music feat. Al Pabilona Sun. 1/21 Alameda, CA.

Hawaiian Spotlighters Manua Kea Breeze

See original exotica musician Al Pabilona & daughter Olivia for a session of live exotica music featuring songs and stories in the classic Hawaii entertainer style!


This Sunday, Jan 21, 4-6pm
Forbidden Island, 1304 Lincoln Ave., Alameda, CA 94501

Doors open at 3p.m. • $10 cover • Albums available for sale
Live Exotica and Storytelling and live recording.

(image: Al Pabilona and Arthur Lyman)

Over fifty years ago Al Pabilona recorded the Exotica album titled “Mauna Kea Breeze” with his father and family band in their garage. Al and his family lived in Hawaii and then settled in San Jose where he is still playing music with his daughter Olivia in a band called UNDERTOW.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear live exotica music and catch an original exotica musician. Al Pabilona may be the last living legend playing essentially the same set he would have played in the late 1960s. Lounge and Exotica standards are presented with stories and introductions reminiscent of the heyday of old Waikiki hotel lounge shows.

This show will be recorded live to capture the current sound of Undertow with plans for a future live release.

Al Jr. was only 13 years old when he played drums on an Exotica recording by The Hawaiian Spotlighters. They were originally called Al’s Spotlighters and played at clubs, weddings and other events in Hilo, Hawaii. The family later moved to California. In 1964, Al Pabilona Sr. recorded his musical family inside their garage in Hayward, California. Each family member played an integral part of the band with Bill Pabilona composing the title track “Mauna Kea Breeze”.

He was gracious, kind and awestruck when Dionysus Records approached him to reissue the album – only 200 copies of the original album were made on the Century Custom label. Today, only a handful of these exist, making this one of the rarest exotica records ever recorded!

Written by Dionysus Records