Over Under Sideways Down: Summer and Surf Spectacular Podcast

As aired on Luxuira Music.com June 20th, 2012 on Over Under Sideways Down with your host Lee Joseph (feeling the effects of sleep deprivation) The First Day of Summer and Surf Spectacular show is available to listen to or download! Click here for Podcast




The Jamies Summertime Summertime Epic 45
The Undertones Here Comes The Summer UK Lp Sire
The Bangles Bitchin’ Summer Rodney on the ROQ Vol III LP Posh Boy
Blue Cheer Summertime Blues Mono Phillips 7″
The Sunrays I Live for the Sun Tower 7″
Marianne Faithful Summer Nights London 7″
Dave Baby Cortez Summertime In Orbit Roulette LP
Rick Nelson Summertime Imperial 7″
Bruce and Terry Summer Means Fun Columbia 7″
Rasberriers Crusin’ Music Capitol 7″
Tammi and the Bachelors My Summer Love Bangar 7″
The Beach Boys Girl Don’t Tell Me Endless Summer LP
The Seeds Love in a Summer Basket MGM 7″
The Lemon Fog Summer 3:00 Merrian Webster Time
The Last Every Summer Day LA Explosion LP Bomp! Records
The Barracudas His Last Summer Drop Out With The Barracudas LP Voxx / Bomp!
The XL’s Summer Love In The Sand History of Eastern Iowa Rock Volume II – Unlimited Prod
Red Kross Annette’s Got The Hits Posh Boy 12″
Larry and The Loafers Let’s Go To The Beach Surfine 7″
The Gears Rockin’ at Ground Zero Bacchus Archives / Dionysus Records LP
Elvis Presley Do the Clam RCA 7″
The Ramones Rockaway Beach Sire 7″
The Rattlers On The Beach Ratso Records 7″
The B Girls Down At The Beach Bomp! 7″
Chris and Cathy Shoot the Curl Monogram 7″
Simpletones California Posh Boy 7″
The Surf Bunnies Surf Bunny Beach Dot 7″ (maybe leave out)
Donna Loren Beach Blanket Bingo Beach Blanket Bingo LP Capitol
Kay Bell Surfer’s Stomp Pt. II Dot 7″
The Surfer Girls Draggin Waggon Columbia 7″
The Tikis Surfadelic World Imitation 7″
The Turtles Surfer Dan The Turtles Present Battle of the  Bands
The Baggys El Surfer Pipeline Records 7″
Davie Allan and The Arrows Davie Allan and The Arrows Davie Allan and The Arrows
The Astronauts Baja RCA 7″
The Strangers Brave New World Afton 7″
Eddie and The Showmen Lankey Bones Liberty 7″
Jeff Hammond and The Surf Teens Moment of Truth Westco 7″
The Beachcombers Samoa Dot 7″
The Fabulous Continentals Undertow CB Records 7″
Written by Dionysus Records