Watch a record cutting session via live stream tonight 8:45 PM Pacific

Tonight I’ll be cutting the vinyl for the first two Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited albums “Lost TV Themes” and “The Fluid Soundbox.” Both were originally released on Mai Tai Records in the ’90s. Dionysus reissued the albums on CD and digital only after Mai Tai ceased operations.

Our artist pal Shag recently resurrected the cover art for Dionysus and this evening, both albums will be cut at History of Recorded Sound in Culver City, CA – where all Dionysus / Bacchus Archives vinyl has been cut since 1992. The albums should be out byTiki Oasis 12  – perfect timing for the Spy Themed event this year!!

I’m going to try and live-stream part of the cutting session via Stream Junkie TV – here’s the link (or watch it on this post if the embed works properly) – tune in around 8:30 Pacific and we’ll see if this thing works!!

Written by Dionysus Records