New Dionysus Releases – Alika Lyman Group LP and Skip Heller 78RPM!

Dionysus Records proudly announces our first new releases of 2016; The Alika Lyman Group “Leis of Jazz Vol 2” and Heller’s Hot Five “I Hate You” 10″ 78 RPM. Both releases are available in our online mail order cart (individual links below) or via retail via our distributor, ILD.

Purchase The Alika Lyman Group “Leis of Jazz” LP at this link
Purchase Heller’s Hot Five 78 RPM at this link


From Hawaii, The Alika Lyman Group delivers a heartfelt tribute to Alika’s Great Uncle, Arthur Lyman. This album spans the gamut of vintage combo jazz and classic Exotica, featuring original compositions and Hawaiian standards with instrumentation featuring vibes, stand-up bass, percussion and guitar!

ALG vibest, Marty Lush has strived to make the album jacket of Leis of Jazz Vol 2 as close to the original Leis of Jazz as possible including an exact repro of the Hi-Fi Records “Stereophonic Hi-Fi” sticker, and label that bears striking resemblance to the silver and black HIFI Records labels of the late ’50s! The first pressing is on purple orchard vinyl and the album comes with a free digital download!

Dionysus Records has released it’s first 78 RPM! Roots/exotica/rockabilly master Skip Heller returns to the imprint with Heller’s Hot 5, including Dionysus Records head honcho Lee Joseph on acoustic bass, delivering three smoking, blues-drenched tunes, recorded and cut live to mono tape by former Big Sandy and the Fly Rite Trio’s bassman, Wally Hersom, on all tube powered analog gear. This platter that matters is a limited edition vinyl microgroove 78, playable on anything that plays 78, including jukeboxes and the sound flying off this thing is super hi-fi! The release comes with a download card which includes bonus tracks- a digital version of down songs can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, etc.
Written by Dionysus Records