Ruby Dee and The Snake Handlers European tour continues!

Ruby Dee & The Snake Handlers in Europe

Ruby Dee and The Snakehanders are on tour in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. The tour starts at the end of April, and goes through the 3rd week of may, including the Walldorf Weekender in Walldorf, 80km south of Frankfurt. Here all all the tourdates, and at this time, they are all closed and fully booked. Joining us on this tour will be bassist Kevin Fox (Deuce Coupe, Gunhands) and drummer Adam Berlin (8 1/2 Souvenirs, Del Cats, Ronnie Dawson). This tour promises to be one of our best ones yet, so make sure you stop and say hi at one of the shows!

2010-05-11 Café Den Eik, Gierle BE
2010-05-12 Cafe den Toerist, Wecherlderzande BE
2010-05-13 Dynamo Club, Eindhoven NL
2010-05-14 O13, Tilburg NL
2010-05-15 Hooifeesten Festival, Herentout BE
2010-05-15 De Snabbelaar, Klaaswaal NL
2010-05-16 Ace Café, Rumst BE
2010-05-18 BeLaMi – Club am Donnerstag, Hamburg-Bergedorf DE
2010-05-19 Music Star , Norderstedt DE
2010-05-21 Hapa Haole, Witten DE
2010-05-22 Cobra, Solingen DE
2010-05-23 Rattlesnake Saloon, Munich DE
2010-05-24 Walldorf Rock’n’Roll Weekender , Waldorf DE

Written by Dionysus Records